Saturday, September 10, 2011

TREND ALERT: Duster Coats

while exploring the latest trends for this upcoming fall i was no less then thrilled to come across one of my all-time favorite warmies for the fall - the Duster Coat.
for who of ya'll who is a stranger to this dishy piece of clothing here's a little bit of history:

The original dusters were worn by horsemen and Texas Rangers in order to protect their clothing from trail dust. These dusters were typically slit up the back to hip level for ease of wear on horseback. Dusters intended for riding may have features such as a buttonable rear slit and leg straps to hold the flaps in place. For better protection against rain, dusters were made from oilcloth and later from waxed cotton. (Wikipedia).
here are a few of my favorite versions of the duster this fall:

The Row
Giorgio Armani
Bill Blass

have a wonderful day loves,


  1. yeaaah! i love that kind of coats.. make you look so long and proud! :)

  2. need me a coat like that:)! looks so cool. p.s. I entered a blogger contest and I really need you to 'like' my picture.. it only takes a second. And the contest only runs for a week! I'd really appreciated. here is an explanation:

  3. i wish i could pull a duster coat off but i am most likely too short to do any such thing lol

  4. gorgeous photos
    love this!
    you've got a great blog, keep it up!


  5. wow i love the cape in the first photo!

    would be great if you could check out our blog too :)-