Friday, September 9, 2011

is there such a thing as a "Fashion Accountant"?

here's a tiny riddle for ya'll:

what happens once an Accounting and Economics grad student decides all of this business stuff is just not for her, and that her true love is all those stuff hanging around in her closet?

and what happens when she has to tell her Russian parents about it?

in one word: CHAOS. in four words: ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.
yet, i stood strong. seriously, if dad wasn't so mad with me i
actually think he would have been very proud.
what can i say..?? i'm a cheerful person! i like sparkly and shiny things!

so here's the beginning of my journey in the Fas
hion world. hopefully the amount of tearing will be reduced to a minimum.

BTW: her's a small tip which i've recently learned: happy girls are the prettiest. for sure.

have a splendid weekend loves,

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